Dear Society

Published : 04 Jun 2017, 20:29

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” 
                                                                                                                     - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well it’s a story of a girl who wanted to develop into a booming writer. She fought for her dreams and still chasing her zeal. Her voyage was not a trouble-free one. 

From the very early years, I am walking through a path, holding the hands of my escorts like self reliance, sense of worth, candour, audacity and so on. My parents used to stay secluded for our livelihoods so that I can get a bright future, fine edification as because my father’s place do not have any fine schools for girls. But the things did not churn out to be the way my parents thought. When kids leave from their house to play with their friends, when kids went for a new world, I was tiring in catering foods for my uncles and aunts and in return, I received pain, both physically and mentally, mortifications, foul languages etc. All of my classmates were accustomed to come with their parents for exams and I used to go all alone. 

I was not so fine in science and mathematics from the very start; I possessed an interest in literature, writing and language. Verses, chronicles, drama, narratives, fiction and non fictions became an important part of my life. I studied in a very small government school and was happy with the schooling whatever I received over there. But slowly I came to know that there is a huge difference between ‘education’ and ‘literacy’. I saw all are studying for a good job and running after wealth, someone is opting for doctor, someone is for lawyer, and someone is for engineering while someone for banker. Education has been restricted only in those areas now and writing, music, dance, literature all have become a ‘hobby’ or ‘extra curricular activities’, people and society cannot think that these areas can also turn into a good professional areas. Today everyone is craving for a government job and at the same time they are having a preference to send their children to private schools, go for a private hospital and so on…how weird.

With time I became elder and the battle for my dreams and goals got in development. My own family turned out to be an obstacle in my way of dreams. ‘You are a girl and you must have a safe future’, ‘you are a girl and these kinds of hazardous works will not be helpful for you’, ‘Go for a trouble-free and secure profession’ etc. were the orders and advices from my well wishers. I smiled and asked is there any place on earth which is safe and secure for a girl? What is the real meaning of risky to all? Which profession is safe for girls and which is not? Just to show others that yes I am pleased, yes I am doing a good work etc. so that I can reside happily in public and for that, I have to be dressed in a mask…an invisible…unseen cover-up which is made from plastics…and I am double-dealing to myself only, isn’t it dangerous? But I opted for my journey of dreams and perhaps for that reason my family started to think. There was a time when my parents were completely angry on me, stopped talking with me and left me alone. My family, friends all were suddenly changed. I followed my heart not my mind and it was the best decision of my life. I started my journey of an author. 

Today I am pursuing my dream. I am earning my livelihood through my passion. I raised my voice against the society and its people for my dream and I am happy. I did what was right to do. Still my family think it would be better if I listened to them but fortunately I did not. My family is thinking finally...will you?

Writer: Content Editor

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