PM sings along to welcome Baishakh

Published : 15 Apr 2017, 13:31

Jagoroniya Desk


As the entire country celebrated the first day of the Bengali New Year yesterday, clad in bright colors, braving the heat and singing songs, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also did not hold back in the celebrations.

The premier and other leaders sang along to the tunes of Rabindra Sangeet. Her little stint was caught on camera and shared on social media network by State Minister for Post and Telecommunications Tarana Halim.

As Rabindranath’s prayer song “Anondo loke, mongola loke, birajo, sotto sundaro” rang through the airs, the PM was seen swaying along to the familiar tunes.

A program was arranged at the lawn of Gono Bhaban on the occasion of Bangla New Year 1424.

Greeting the country’s people as well as the Bangalis living across the world, the PM wished that the Bengali New Year will bring happiness, peace and progress for all.

On her arrival at the venue around 10:30 am yesterday, the prime minister was greeted with bouquets by the central leaders of Bangladesh Awami League, when Rabindranath Tagore's famous Baishakhi song ‘Esho Hey Baishakh Esho Esho’ was sung by artistes Subir Nandi, Lily Islam, Shama Rahman and others.

Source: thedailystar

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