Say byebye To Insomnia

Published : 05 May 2016, 14:28

Jagoroniya Desk

People who experience lack of sleep do not have to worry now because we have the perfect combination which will help them improve this condition and finally get some good and relaxed sleep. 

According to, it is consisted of sugar ad salt and may not sound so appealing and may be unhealthy if consumed in higher amounts, but then it will use the anti-stress properties of sugar and salt because of the increased level of serotonin. 

Your immunity will be improved, the headaches will be healed and you’ll no longer suffer from insomnia. 

Sugar contains glucose making it very valuable addition of energy for the cells. 

Salt contains natrium that helps the normal cell breathing improving energy generation. 

These two ingredients are very beneficial in the fight against stress because it causes metabolism imbalance making you unable feel relaxed throughout the night.

– 1 tsp of sea salt;
– 5 tsp of brown sugar

Combine these two ingredients and mix well, storing it in a clean glass jar.

Then, apply a bit of the mixture under your tongue before going to bed. It will melt soon. Sleep tight.

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