I am a Gold Digger

Published : 18 Mar 2017, 21:53

Tunjihatun Noor Chowdhury

Show me a single girl out there who considers themselves as a gold digger.. They will run after rich asses but will never confess..!

All they talk about is having true love.. on the other hand they are judging guys by their appearance at the same time?

When we fall in love with someone we are not able to judge the guy, who we fall in love with..! We don't care about what he has, how much money his father earns.. how many times he'll take us to shopping.. all we care about is the guy and his feelings..

Nowadays there's no such thing as true love for some girls who think money, looks, height, weight has to be perfect to have a boyfriend..! So she can proudly say that the guy who wears pants under his hip, the guy who's pretty famous on social media, a guy whom so many girls (like her) are dying for, is my boyfriend.. NO HONEY, ITS NOT A CREDIT TO HAVE A FUCKBOY IN YOUR LIFE..

What happens to those guys who respect women..?? How about those guys who actually want to love people..? who actually deserve to be loved..? Most of the time they remain friendzoned or brotherzoned.. but some of them get destroyed by those gold diggers who they actually loved..

Does everyone need to have a perfect body, does everyone need to have a good bank balance? Does everyone need to have a attractive face..? Does everyone need to have a sports car..? These matter a lot right? I have a question for all girls including me - ARE YOU SURE A GUY WITH STRONG BALANCE AND ATTRACTIVE FACE WILL GIVE YOU ALL HAPPINESS THAT YOU HAVE EVER ASKED FOR? Ask yourself.. are you sure?

A guy who can love people, most of the time they get cheated on, left alone , broken for not making these girls demands come true..! Then what happens..? Where the result actually turns into? 60% of them end up with being a fuckboy and ruin other girls life..! And rest of them? They end up taking drugs to forget their past..! And Avoid those people who actually care about them

Dear girls,
Stop being proud of other's property.. If a guy has a good bank balance don't forget that's not yours..! You might go with them or sleep with them .. but it won't give you the actual happiness..! Where is the difference between you and a hooker? Huh??

True love is so rare to find these days..! If you have it please don't let it go..! Maybe that less attractive guy has a golden heart that a lot of girls are seeking for..! You might lose the most precious thing just because of your greediness and you become someone's curse forever.

Im sorry if my words offended anyone..!!

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