Casual outfit ideas to get inspired by during rainy season

Published : 17 Jul 2019, 19:12

Jagoroniya Desk

Of course, choosing the right clothes for the rainy season is pretty easy with different panaches in girl’s monsoon collection in fashion stores. 

Options are endless naturally, like most things in life, some choices are far better than others. As you can see, there are lots of inspiring and easy to try styles in the market, all you need to find out your favourite fit and use your imagination to create a stunning look.

If you are one of those who are still wondering what casual dresses to wear during the rainy season, then you should definitely read on to find out the best tips and ideas to try this season.

Mid-length shorts: Rainy season is all about shorts. The other important things to complement them are the perfect top and shoes. A pair of mid-length shorts may not seem like the most dynamic item in your collection, but they have a lot going with them. They cover some of the problematic areas for a lot of girls and women while exposing some of their bits. Another big bonus to women’s mid-length shorts is that they can handle a wide variety of shoe styles that shorter or longer shorts can. Wearing a trendy off-the-shoulder top makes these shorts look fresh for rainy season and it is a great way to instantly update you go-to mid-length shorts.

Denim cut-off shorts: Denim cut-off shorts are one of the easiest styles of women’s monsoon clothing to accessorise. They are so casual and fun that keep your style looking real and effortless. But, worry about looking sloppy or too casual? You can always take these shorts fashion up a notch with easy tips by which you can pull off these outfits on your own. Simply layer on a trendy kimono in a pretty colour or print to instantly update your jeans shorts and show off your fashion cred.

Bermuda: This style is a bit more compassionate than any other women’s shorts styles. Bermuda tends to fall between the mid-thigh and the upper knee. They can be lose or firm-fitted, but they are more tailored than baggy cargo shorts and they have nice, clean lines that make them great match for casual comfortable footwear. Try wearing a button down shirt tucked into your favourite Bermuda or knotted at the front to take your casual look up a notch while still looking effortlessly cool.

Ankle-length jeans: A pair of ankle-length jeans can be worn with a cool t-shirt as the basis for plenty of cute monsoon outfits with a classic jeans jacket or a biker jacket with zipper to add some edge to this basic look.

Denim shorts: Make things easier on yourself by wearing a one piece that can double as a top too. If you are planning to go out on a brunch or lunch on a rainy day, you cannot go out wrong with a casual yet polished denim skirt. Spice things up with accessories – the hair scarf just tie and go. It exudes simple and easy elegance.

Kimono: A light-weight robe or kimono is a great cover-up for the rainy season. If you want to wear something that shows off your outfit but also allows for some coverage when needed, go for it. Some slouchy trousers and easy slide-on sandals complete this look.

High-waist trousers: Consider wearing a high-waist linen trousers for a more casual edge. Pair it with cool florescent plain top and take a printed silk scarf.

These are the must-have monsoon wardrobe essentials 2019 to help you look chic for the season. Comfortable and casual should be your mantra.

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