Working long hours? Rest your eyes

Published : 06 Jul 2019, 18:08

Jagoroniya Desk

If you spend much of the day staring at a computer screen, you’re probably familiar with dry eye. Its symptoms are itchy eyes, redness, light hypersensitivity and blurred vision. 

“Eyes, like any other part of your body, get tired and need rest,” says ophthalmologist Dr Rajib Mukherjee of Delhi. “Dry eye happens when you overuse your eyes. It is a common and often chronic problem, and can afflict just about anyone at work, provided they keep long hours working on the computer.”

Here are five easy to-do things to minimise eye strain and get the health of your eyes back.

Blink frequently: This is imperative if you are working on a computer in an air-conditioned environment. The rate of evaporation is more in an air-con room and there is tear loss that accentuates the dry eye condition, says Dr Mukherjee. Make time to blink tape a post-it on one corner of your screen as a reminder.

Tear drops: Apply tear drops to keep the eye lubricated but only at the frequency advised by the doctor. Do not buy over the counter.

Avoid smoking: Do not smoke as this only makes the dry eye condition worse.

Workplace illumination: Make sure that the work area is lit up properly; that the computer screen is not too bright and that it sits at a proper angle to your eye; and that you should be seated with a good posture before the computer. For an optimal angle, do not slouch.

Good diet: Green leafy vegetables are a must for good eye health. Do not give them a miss, especially if you have dry eyes.

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