Walk your way to a good health

Published : 05 May 2016, 12:39

Jagoroniya Desk

Don't we all love taking those gentle strolls down the park early in the morning, all dressed up in our pink Adidas tracksuits and cute sneakers with the squad? 

What if we told you they only served the purpose of some light gossip and don't reap as much benefit as you might have thought? Research reveals that walking a notch faster can give a bigger health boost as opposed to strolling. It can burn more calories and reduce the risk of heart diseases more effectively. 

No, slow down, we don't mean running. We mean a pace that is almost close to running but not quite there, somewhere between running and strolling. Although the pace is hard to comprehend we can assure you that this one small tweak will take you a long way. So blast some music on your iPod and grab those sneakers!

This is how you do it
When walking it is advisable not to turbocharge your pace right off the bat, that will only leave you burnt out. 

The trick is to step it up gradually once you have found your rhythm. Align your body properly and take a brisk walk to find your natural pace. Count your steps for 20 seconds and if you find you are taking at least 40 steps in 20 seconds, you are good because that is the minimum pace for fitness walking. You can work your way up from there but however if you haven't been able to reach that benchmark you might want to step up. Next, aim for at least 45 steps in 20 seconds. 

That may sound like a big leap, literally, but it really isn't. Just take quicker shorter strides than longer steps, that should do it for you. You must be wondering why you didn't think of this before. Use this trick and try to reach a target of 48 steps in 20 seconds. If you like challenging yourself go for 50 steps in 20.

Build for the job
If you thought only buying an engagement ring needed research, think again. Although we mostly pick our sneakers based on the colour or the aesthetics, there are certain factors which need to be taken into consideration. After all you can't expect to enjoy your run if you are not comfortable. Keeping that in mind, go for sneakers that are flexible and fit comfortably. 

It may be a good idea to buy sneakers half a size or a full size bigger so that there is room for your feet to breath. Also go for sneakers that have a beveled heel. If you have been avoiding walking in fear of smelly feet, pair your sneakers with moisture-wicking socks and bid adieu to smelly feet for good! 

To get rid of the musty stench from your sneakers place unused teabags inside them. We kid you not, this tweak will leave your sneakers smelling fresh like the first time you bought them. Hopefully that's enough motivation to get you sauntering!  

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