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Sunny Leone opens up on casting couch in Bollywood

Published : 18 Nov 2017, 18:19

Jagoroniya Desk

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out, Hollywood has been witnessing a revolution of sorts with brave women coming out in the open to name and shame the sexual predators in the industry. In sharp contrast, Bollywood has maintained a stoic silence on the subject, nobody ready to address the elephant in the room yet.

Sunny Leone, however, is brutally honest as she talks about the casting couch in the industry. "I haven't experienced the casting couch. I was sheltered by Daniel [Weber, husband] and my team. But does it exist in the industry? Absolutely! It's not just the women, men too face similar issues," she says.

The actor is glad that women are raising their voice against the issue. She hopes that Bollywood too sees such a revolution. "The more people speak, the louder the voice is going to be. This will instil faith in the young generation, especially women. There might be a day when our industry will be free of it. I'm proud of all the women who have taken a stand."

Leone points out that one of the reasons she has survived in the largely male-dominated industry is due to her "fearless" nature. "I am proud to have made it on my own, and the best part is that I can say yes or no to whoever without having any fear."

Source: mid-day 

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