Transgender setting example of serving COVID patients at hard time

Published : 09 Sep 2021, 13:10

Jagoroniya Desk

Begging at traffic signals and living in poverty are the common sights for transgenders, away from such unwelcoming situations some transgenders are now engaged in helping the COVID-19 patients at hospitals and thus setting instances of serving humanity.

Transgenders are recognised as socially and economically backward classes, thereby making them unworthy of having jobs.

It was a painful spectre for the son of COVID19 patient as the ambulance, carrying his ailing mother, just arrived in front of Corona unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Soon after reaching the hospital, son of the patient Rafiq went to the counter for the help. But he didn’t find any nurse for a stretcher to carry his mother. He was nervously running here and there.

But seeing the ambulance, three transgender came forward wearing orange colour jackets. They took the patient down and also collected necessary documents from her son. Lying down the patient at a stretcher, they entered the hospital like relatives of the patient.

The transgender- Rafiza, Nodi and Shaila- all are members of Brihannala, a voluntary organization. The transgender, who are neglected in the society, are now helping and giving services to COVID 19 infected people at hospitals.

They are extending their helping hands to the patients when many relatives of those patients leaving them.

One Mahabub, a driver of ambulance, said they (transgender) are providing services to the patients for the last few days. They are the real heroes.

Not only the lone patient, the transgenders are giving services to all patients. A total of 15 volunteers of the organization are working there round the clock.

They are standing in front of the COVID19 unit holding a placard that reads ‘How can I help you?’.

Munmun said, “Many people don’t know about the works of us. For this, a representative of our organization stands in front of the COVID19 unit everyday. We move ahead just after arriving any ambulance in front of the unit.”

Founder President of the organization Sadiqul Islam said no patient comes in the hospital unless he or she falls into a critical condition. When ambulance arrives here, everyone remains busy for their own health protection and moves to a safer distance, he added.

He said the members of Brihannala are providing services risking their lives and maintaining health rules. The members are also helping to transfer the bodies died due to Coronavirus, he added.

Munmun said, “We’ve chosen the works of providing services to stand beside the people during the COVID 19 pandemic. The volunteers of our organization would also begin to provide services at COVID19 dedicated hospital at Mohakhali.”

Source: BSS

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