PM gives advice for facing coronavirus situation

Published : 30 Mar 2020, 12:45

Jagoroniya Desk

On Sunday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged everyone to bring their suggestions and message to the people to fight the country's prevailing coronavirus situation.

In a press release, Chief Information Officer of Prime Minister Surath Kumar Sarkar urged all media to publish and broadcast the message and suggestions from Sheikh Hasina.

The PM’s message and suggestions are—

What you should do to deal with coronavirus

Do not get out of the house except an emergency. Avoid people’s crowd if you needed to go out of the home. Keep yourself separate from all those who returned home from foreign. Frequently wash your hands with soap. Cover your nose and mouth with napkin or tissue paper during sneezing or coughing. Do not spit cuffs here and there. Avoid hugging and handshaking. Muslims have to offer prayers at home and followers of other religions also have to pray at home. One has to obey these suggestions for the safety of its family, neighbours and the people of the country. Adhere to hygiene. Be good, be healthy and safe.

No shortage of safety and medical equipment

The highest priority has been given to the safety of health workers. Adequate security equipment including PPE has been procured. There are enough kits available for coronavirus testing. Tests for coronavirus have been conducted in four places in Dhaka and Chattogram. Installation works of six more coronavirus test laboratories in progress in six different divisions. Do not spread rumors. Strict action will be taken against rumor mongers.

Don't be afraid of coronavirus

Though coronavirus is a fast spreadable virus, it is not so lethal. Most of virus infected people are healed within a few days. The virus has become quite deadly for many people who are infected with various diseases and old aged. Pay close attention to the sensitive person in your family. Don't be panicked. Panic disrupts people’s ability of rational thinking. Be careful that you, your family members, and neighbours do not get infected. Your awareness will protect you, your family and, above all, the people of the country.

Be tolerant and sensitive

Not only Bangladesh, the entire world is going through a crisis due to coronavirus. At this point, we have to be tolerant and sensitive. There is no shortage of any products in the market. The domestic and global supply chain of the country is intact. Do not increase the prices of essential goods. Do not purchase excess consumer goods beyond your need. Give the low-income people a chance to buy goods. I urge the rich to come forward to help the helpless people.

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