Impulse Hospital introduces painless normal delivery service

Published : 16 Feb 2020, 13:43

Jagoroniya Desk

The' Free and Painless Regular Delivery Service' was first launched in the country by Impulse Hospital, a private hospital in the capital city of Dhaka, says UNB.

On Saturday Social Welfare Minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed opened the hospital service.

The occasion also included a three-day seminar on "Painless Normal Delivery."

Speaking at the inaugural session, the minister expressed concern at the troubling rise in the delivery of cesareans, noting that healthy birth is still a major challenge in the region.

"Cesarean delivery not only causes a family financial burden but also creates different health complications for the patient," he said voicing excitement about the painless normal delivery service's success.

Nuruzzaman also advised the hospital authorities to extend the District-level care program. "This health care shouldn't just be capital-centered," he added.

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