Amplicon Based Whole Genome Sequencing of Covid-19 has been unveiled

Published : 16 May 2020, 21:52

Jagoroniya Desk

For the first time in Bangladesh, “Amplicon Based Whole Genome Sequencing of The Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2)” has been unveiled on 15 May 2020.

The outstanding achievement was the result of a research conducted in DNA Solution Ltd. in collaboration with Designated Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (DRiCM) of Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology and Central Police Hospital.

In a joint venture, work has been started on about one hundred and fifty samples. Among these, five (5) different strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA was sequenced at the research lab of DNA Solution Ltd. The sequenced data has been uploaded to GISAID in order to be shared with the scientific community.

Amplicon sequencing is a method of targeted next generation sequencing that enables to analyze genetic variation in specific genomic regions. This method uses PCR to create sequences of DNA called amplicons; which are further used to generate amplified sequencing data. Scientists in Bangladesh have done genome sequencing of jute and hilsa (both of which have DNA), genome sequencing of cells containing RNA is a rare feat.

The sequencing data generated by CHRF on 12 May 2020 followed a different technique called Metagenomic Sequencing. Whereas Amplicon based Sequencing is done in Next Generation Sequencing techniques using Platform: Ion Genestudio S5, USA.

Genome sequencing of the virus leads to vital information about its strain type, virulence, location of origin, differences within strains available in other countries, antidote production for pharmaceutical Industry.

Continuous encouragement, support, initiative and urge of Honourable Science and Technology Minister Architect Yeafesh Osman had been vital for the researchers to attain success in unveiling Genom Sequencing of the Novel Corona virus.

Sr. Secretary of Science and Technology Md. Anwar Hossain and BCSIR Chairman Md. Faruque Ahmed also inspired the team to go ahead.

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