What you should achieve by the age 25!!

Publish | 06 May 2017, 01:27

Ty Kanha

You are getting older day by day, that’s why you should value each and every day of your life.  Have you ever noticed what you have done so far? Here are a few things you should try before turning 25 years old.

Grabbing the chance of scholarship or other programs abroad
Finding the scholarship or exchange programs that interest you the most is the first and early step you should take in order to get chance for pursuing your higher degree or expanding your experiences abroad. You could learn a lot from going abroad including environment, people, culture, so on and so forth.

Spending time with your family
It is true that life is getting busier and busier, but you need to balance your time as much as you can in order to spend time with your family. You can spend time during weekend to be with them, or you can use your holiday to travel, have sweet and romantic family meals together, or even make food for your beloved members. This could add more happiness into your family, and make you love one another even more. 

Doing things on your own (Independent)
There are many activities you can do on your own, such as going to cinema, going on a trip, shopping, and the like. By doing things on your own, you will notice that you get different feelings from being with the other people. You may enjoy by being free and confident, having freedom to be who you really are, exploring yourself deeply step by step.

Learning new things
Before turning 25, you should at least learn one new thing ether skills or languages. In case you do not know how to cook, you can start to learn cooking your favorite food or dessert. To learn does not really means to go to school since you can learn through YouTube or asking help from the other people. Moreover, you can learn new language, which is useful for your daily life or for your solo trip in the future.

Letting go
Letting go of what does not mean to be in your life is the best thing you should do in order to make your life happy from day to day.  You at least know how to letting go and get used to it. What you really can do is to be in present, and be well-prepared for the future. Holding on of what does not mean to stay in your life is not what you should do; it makes you even stressful.

Travel Alone
In my experience, traveling alone is unique and such a great experience that you can put it into words. When you travel with friends and family your choices always limited and protected. 

When you travel alone, you are on your own, you have to learn how to protect yourself for both safety and financially, this is where you learn how to grow up.

Moreover you are free to do what you love or go where you want to!!

Writer: Information Officer, Scholarship for Khmer

Source: aseanop