Mango khus-khus sharbat

Published : 01 Jul 2019, 18:44

Jagoroniya Desk

In summer, we all need refreshing beverages to beat the heat. So, here is the recipe for a refreshing sharbat that you can try at home.

Mango Khus-Khus sharbat has cooling properties. Khus-khus are poppy seeds that give any beverage a lovely woody aroma that is reminiscent of sandalwood. It does not take much time and effort to prepare it.

Serves:  5

Preparation time:  10 minutes


Mango juice: 500 ml (readymade)

Khus khus syrup: 10 tbsp

Chilled soda: 500 ml

Lemon juice: 5 tsp

Lemon slices: 5

Mint leaves: a few

Crushed ice: 5 tbsp


Take a tall glass.  Put one tablespoon of crushed ice in the bottom of the glass. Pour three tablespoon of khus-khus syrup. Tilt the glass little bit and pour a half cup of mango juice slowly along the sides of the glass. The green layer of khus-khus syrup should not get disturbed. So be careful while pouring mango juice. The three-fourth glass will be full after pouring the mango juice. 

You will see both the layers of mango juice and khus-khus syrup separately. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Do not mix it. Pour a little soda to fill the glass. Top with some more crushed ice. Garnish with a lemon slice on the rim. Insert a stirrer and a straw and serve immediately. Do the same for the rest of the four glasses.

This beverage is stirred while sipping to blend the sugariness according to your taste. This easy to make sharbat is made from mango fruit juice and poppy seeds. It will delight your family and keep you feeling energised this summer.

Easy to make, delicious to drink!

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