5 food trends that will rule 2019

Published : 04 Feb 2019, 18:54

Jagoroniya Desk

Despite the wide variety of foods available, the emphasis is on how and when individuals consume those foods. 

From surging health trends to hidden veg and non-veg cuisine, this is going to be another rollercoaster year in how we cook, shop, drink and eat at home and in restaurants.

People today travel all over India in search of authentic Indian food and it has become a huge trend for those who have always wanted it with much more awareness and availability. Freshly prepared and customized meals are going to be a big hit in 2019.

Organic, fresh and natural

The unchanged trend that is going forward in 2019 is the beverage segment that includes more organic, fresh and natural ingredients. Recently,  restaurants have been indulging in cocktails made with fresh juices in place of syrups and are perfectly paired with different types of food. Making a beer or a cocktail out of raw Mango or an Orange is the show stealer now.

Go indigenous

Global trends like using local and sustainable ingredients have been in the use for a while now. It’s making a way into India where people want to eat fresh with locally sourced produce as opposed to expensive imported products, giving rise to organic farmers and general awareness. At this moment, convenience is really catching up in the food space. The continuous focus over the years has been on giving the consumers what they want and yet, incorporating innovations. 2019 is definitely going to witness the rise in the use of traditional recipes which have been lying hidden in books for a very long time.

Indian home-made food

As far our Indian palate is concerned, recipes like a khichdi or a idli will be gaining the attention of the Indian audiences in the long run. People have grown extremely health conscious and realize the benefits of eating natural food, especially organic, non-processed and genetically modified food. The focus is now on fresh, seasonal and local produce. If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to eat more mindfully, making yourself aware of how many processed sugars are added into your snack foods and meals is probably going to tie into that.Veggies are making a comeback and becoming the star of dishes. In 2019, expect more meat-alternatives in the market.

Coral and healthy

‘Living Coral’ was recently named Pantone's Color of the Year for 2019. The vibrant pinkish-orange hue could influence the color of foods and beverages hitting the marketplace this year. ‘Living Coral’ could

be adapted for use in beverages, confectionery, dairy, decoration, bakery, and savory. While the shade might make sense for certain beverages and some sweet treats — including sparkling water, wine, ice cream, frosting, and candy — it may not be all that adaptable to other foods. It can be also used for frozen entrees, pasta or breads sporting a pinkish-orange color using pumpkin, yam or sweet potato among their ingredients.

Innovation is the key

Every year, the food scene is hit by a number of trends that change the way we eat. Here are some of the positive food trends that will hit the market in a big way in 2019:

Plant-based dishes: For the extreme pleasure of Indian vegetarians, vegans, and health freaks, 2019 promises to deliver more on the plant-based dishes category. Some tasty recipes chock full of fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains. Roasted Pumpkin and Brussels Sprouts, Black Bean- Tomato Chili, Avocado Fruit Salad with Tangerine Vinaigrette and Spice Trade Beans & Bulgur to name a few. Plant-based dairy will also expand, and you’ll be able to actually give veganism a shot if you want.

Shell-less tacos: Gone are the days when eating tacos and wraps meant loading up on carbs. Tacos get a healthy revamp this year by simply using lettuce, kale or spinach shells, or ones made with gluten-free flours. Taco shells will now get a healthier makeover.

Regional cuisine: Regional cuisines will get more of a boost in 2019. You can expect more restaurants focusing on cuisines from the Northeast and the South belt of India. Regional delicacies, like ChhenaPoda from Odisha, JaipuriMewaPulao to name a few would be seen more in trend.

Ice Cream innovation: With every new year comes new lists of trends — beauty, fashion, and our favorite, food. But sometimes these trends can be extremely different from what we’d expect. The perfect ice cream is a mythical beast expected to be moreish and indulgent while having a permissible health halo. It has to play with texture and carry that unexpected “wow” factor, but it should also adopt a transparent approach to ingredient sourcing and stand up to consumers’ scrutiny. Watermelon seed butter will, apparently, be on the rise. This New Year ice cream and other frozen treats will have some more interesting bases than banana — avocado, hummus, and tahini.

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