Significance and importance of Rose Day

Published : 07 Feb 2018, 17:14

Jagoroniya Desk

If someone asks whether there is a specific day which is known to express love to your loved ones, Valentine’s Day immediately jumps to our mind.

Its frenzy has manifested itself in almost every nation, so much so that in many countries its almost considered a holiday.

Over the years, the celebration of one day has been transformed into Valentine’s Week, a week of love, reports the Indian Express.

This is kick-started with Rose Day, which marks the beginning of the love fest and is celebrated on February 7 every year.

The best way to romanticise this special day is to pick roses for your special one. But be aware that each colour connotes a different meaning.

Starting with the most common yet most special of all, a Red Rose is an unmistakable expression of love, longing and desire.

Then there is the White Rose, which signifies purity, chastity and innocence. It may mark the beginning, and may also the end of a relationship.

A yellow rose is an expression of warm feelings of friendship and optimism and can brighten up your special one’s day. But be cautious since it also stands for infidelity.

Pink Roses, on the other hand, imply your recipient is full of grace. It may also show your admiration, joy and gratitude for them.

Not many people know this, but Orange Roses signify a bridge between friendship represented by Yellow Roses and love symbolised by Red Roses.

Most versatile of all, they can convey passion, energy, intense desire and other fierce emotions, and may also convey fascination and appreciation…you only need to couple them with the right colour rose.

Last on the list is the Lavender Rose, which is rare and conveys enchantment. It also means ‘love at first sight’.

With so many significant ways to show love, which rose are you going to pick up for your special someone today?

Source: ntvbd

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