Easy Italian recipes to try at home

Published : 02 Sep 2019, 18:25

Jagoroniya Desk

Italians are known for their cuisine. Their impeccable dishes, quality meats and seasonal vegetables add flavour and taste to anything. 

With its rich culinary history, this Mediterranean land offers traditional must-east foods. These traditional delicacies are deeply rooted in Italian culture and are cherished for their authentic origins. They have been experimented on and perfected with time.

Here are a few simple DIY recipes from the Italian food culture to try one’s hands-on at home.

Fish Carpaccio

Milk Foam: To garnish

Olive oil: 15 millilitres


Make three different very thin layered sheets all the varieties of fish. Present as per the picture and serve cold. Truffle and Ricotta tortellini. It’s an elegant appetizer of homemade ricotta tortellini served with truffle that makes a wonderfully light dish.

Truffle and Ricotta tortellini


Blanched spinach: 200 milligrams

Ricotta cheese: 120 kilograms

Truffle oil: 10 millilitres

Pasta Dough: 200 grams

Olive oil: 25 millilitres

Asparagus: 10 grams

Dehydrated Beet: 10 grams

Dehydrated Spinach: 10 grams

Milk foam: To garnish

Grated parmesan cheese: 50 grams


Keep pasta dough in three different same quantities. Now make a pasta sheet with different colours. Stuff the tortellini with truffle and ricotta mixture. Blanch and sauté the tortellini in sauce and serve hot.

Tiramisu “Pick me Up”

Tiramisu is a perfect ending for an Italian meal along with a demitasse of espresso.


Organic Eggs: 30 eggs

Mascarpone cheese: 1 kilogram

Sugar breakfast: 200 grams

Biscotti Amaretto: 2 packets

Amaretto liqueur: 25 milligrams

Espresso coffee: 500 millilitres

Dehydrated Beet: 10 grams

Dehydrated Spinach: 10 grams


Keep the egg yolk separate and white separate. Whisk egg yolk and sugar together. Keep the mixture in three different same quantities. Add beet powder in one and add spinach powder in the second bowl. Mix espresso coffee and amaretto liqueur in mixing bowl on the other hand. Now set egg sabayon and biscotti layers in a glass showing Flag colours. Serve cold.

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