Daughter of Clay

Published : 09 Oct 2018, 22:16

Sanghita Choudhury

Durga puja have been biggest celebration of women power. Nevertheless, even today, do women get as much recognition for their talent as men? Kumortuli is renowned all over the world but what about its female idol makers? However, the time is changing and the essence of Durga Puja and making of the idols have always fascinated Bengalis and the people of other community as well. This marks the season of Kolkata into a different charm when talked about the festival. The artisanship of the idol makers has been famous from the age-old days. Well, women are not far away with the trend of making themselves front geared in terms of making idols. 

Talking to such woman of work, we have come across a distinct nature. A woman sparing her little time diverting herself from the touches of clay and mud could not make her disturbed. Rather she feels elated enough to describe her profession with great enthusiast. The craftswomen are no less in breaking the common clutches of womanhood into a drastic change. 

Among many, let us introduce China pal, the daughter of Hemanta Pal. She was brought up with the fact that women do not make idols and her father did not want her to go to the studios as well. While she was growing, she had grown with this passion of making idols seeing her father and after his sudden demise in 1994, she thought of making the profession of her own with utmost care and affection. She shares her experience when she says, “It’s been twenty years from now that I am making idols with the speciality of my father. He used to make Ek Chala Durga and I love making the same remembering his ways of making it. Every year I make almost 20 to 30 Ek Chala Durga idols.” 

Today millions of girls are fighting to make their work, get the recognition and honour for their talent. We salute their spirit that powers them ahead.

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