Girls ahead in pass rate, GPA-5

Published : 06 May 2019, 13:24

Jagoroniya Desk

The female students secured better results than the males in this year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalents examinations this year too.

The pass rate of female students under ten education boards is 83.28 per cent while male students’ pass rate is 81.13 per cent. The data showed that females are ahead with 2.15 per cent points more than males.

Girls outnumbered boys in terms of GPA-5 this year too.

A total of 53,484 female students achieved GPA-5 while a total of 52,110 males got GPA-5. The statistics showed that 1,374 more female students got GPA-5 than males this year’s SSC and equivalents exams.

In 2018, boys outnumbered girls in term of GPA-5, while girls outnumbered boys in term of pass rate.

A total of 10,59, 288 female students appeared in the examinations and 10,68,527 male students took part under the ten boards. Of them, 8,66,941 boys while 8,82,224 female students came out successfully.

This year, 82.20 percent students passed the SSC and equivalent tests, which is 4.43 percent increased compared to previous year.

Source: dailysun

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