2500 more educational institutions coming under MPO

Published : 10 Apr 2019, 16:19

Jagoroniya Desk

The government is going to provide around 2500 non-government educational institutions with monthly pay order (MPO) facilities after a break of eight years.

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni on Wednesday said we are complete all necessary works to provide MPO and the declaration will be given by one month. She said around 2,500 non-government educational institutions might get MPO facilities.

All the qualified Institute will come to the MPO gradually, she said Education Minister came up with remarks at a view Exchange meeting with education affairs reports at her secretariat office in the capital. Earlier On June 14, lat year, the education ministry published the MPO Policy-2018 to provide the facilities to non-government educational institutions.

Following application of the Institute the ministry finalized the 2500 Institute scrutinize all application of the non-governmental educational institutions.

Teachers and employees of the MPO-listed institutions get government benefit, including 100 percent of their basic salary and other allowances, but non-MPO institutions are not entitled to such facilities. MPO facilities were provided last in 2010, when 1,622 educational institutions were brought under MPO.

The process of providing MPO facilities has been suspended for almost eight years since 2010. Teachers and employees of non-government educational institutions are staging demonstrations to press their long-running demand for MPO facilities. Finally, they are going to get the facilities after a long wait.

Source: dailysun

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